Success Stories

Jessie Beauchamp, Level V – Hobart, WI

Jessica Turba Beauchamp, a former pharmaceutical representative, is married with two darling, albeit energetic, children, ages four and one. Jessie worked for a year after her first child was born, but she was determined to stay home upon learning of her second pregnancy as she realized how much she was missing by working full-time, out of the home. Her main concern, of course, was the financial impact of being a stay-at-home mom. In July 2012, a dear friend discussed the opportunity this skin care company offered and although she was turned off by the “direct sales party” industry, she was assured this was different. Once she understood this company’s network marketing business model, as well as the exceptional products involved, this reluctance transformed into an absolute “yes” and she never looked back.
She officially became a consultant in July 2012, and in less than two years has developed a team of over 150 consultants, who include teachers, doctors, pharmaceutical reps, entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home moms living in 15 different states. She never tires hearing the stories of how their lives have changed – and the dreams that are coming true.
Jessica is forever grateful for her involvement with this amazing company. She not only loves introducing these extraordinary skin care products to people, she also appreciates the networking opportunities and the financial stability this business offers her family and her. She is now living HER dream – an involved, stay-at-home mother, with a reliable monthly income, working with products in which she firmly believes. Jessica also knows, if she ever chooses to return to the world of “9-5”, her current business will look terrific on a resume, and her success in this industry will definitely open doors.
She continues to appreciate a quote, shared by her mother on the first day of pharmaceutical training: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles Swindoll

Lesley Bruce, Level V – Sugar land, TX

Lesley worked long hours as a media consultant in the advertising industry, spending too much time away from her family.  As the economy worsened, the harder she worked, the less she was paid.  She was brought up to believe that when you went to college and received a degree, that you would be rewarded for hard work.  After fourteen years as a top Senior Account Manager, she decided she wanted more out of life.

Lesley knew it was important for her to be home with her son before he started school. She wanted, desperately, to be able to take her daughter to school and to be there for her at the end of the day.  She wanted to be the first person to hear about the wonderful things that happened during her daughter’s day and also to be there to listen when the days were not the best.  However, she was pulled and distracted by the expectations at work and how she was being evaluated.   Lesley also wanted to find a way for her husband, who worked in the automobile business, to have family time, especially on weekends.

When Lesley first heard about this company, she was skeptical, as she had never pictured herself involved in direct sales.  She decided having the opportunity to get in on this business on the ground floor might only happen once in your life.  She loves the products and the results and was thrilled with the potential she could have to replace her six figure income with a business that allowed her family its much needed change of course.  She also loves that she is able to be involved in supporting those affected by Lou Gehrig’s disease, working with patients, families and caregivers.

Lesley says, “We are truly changing skin and changing lives.  I’m loving every minute of it!  The only risk I saw was not getting involved.”


Jessica Dennis, Level V – Appleton, WI


Jessica Dennis is a true entrepreneur at heart. After starting her first company at 25 years of age and successfully selling it in 2011, she knew she had found her career path. She started her second company when she received an unexpected call with a very unlikely opportunity. The opportunity was to partner with a team in this successful anti-aging skin care industry and she knew she had to give it a shot.

The road to becoming the second Level V leader in the state of Wisconsin has allowed her to spend more time with her family; a possibility that was never in the picture as a serial entrepreneur. Jessica is the mom of two young girls and a wife to a husband who also has a very demanding career as President & CEO of a manufacturing company. This business has allowed for complete flexibility for her family without sacrificing career ambitions or compensation.

Achieving Level V is just one stop in Jessica’s path for her and for her team. She is continuing to work to build the strongest team in the state of Wisconsin, one that you will continue to hear about!


Michelle Haught, Level V – Bozeman, MT

When Michelle & her husband learned about the opportunity to start a new business, they jumped in right away. As a wife, mom of three boys, and a full time engineer, she did not know how she was going to do this or what her plans were, but she knew she needed to get involved in some capacity. So, Michelle started working the business very part time and immediately started making money.

A year into the business, she set a huge goal to become a Level V leader so she could earn enough money to take her family to Disneyland without any financial hardship, credit card debt, & without putting a dent in the family budget. Within three months she satisfied that goal and went from a Level III to a Level IV. It was just a few days later that she advanced to Level V & earned herself an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley/ San Francisco. Michelle is now replacing a substantial portion of her full-time engineering salary around her family’s schedule and she’s growing personally more than she ever has & all in such a short amount of time. She loves meeting new people, rekindling old friendships, and helping others achieve their dreams with a business of their own.

Deb John, Level V – Appleton, WI

I am a full time Nurse Anesthetist who also has a private practice providing anesthesia to seven hospitals in the state of Wisconsin.  When I was introduced to this opportunity I nearly overlooked it.  I didn’t need to be busier.  It was the day my husband explained “residual” income that I joined network marketing.  In 5 months I am blessed beyond words to have a team of friends and family joining me and seeing the value in perseverance.  The road to Level V is only a beginning!  I know, with the backing of the Drs and this company, all goals are attainable!  I recite daily to myself my favorite verse ” Through Christ all things are possible”. Philippians 4:13 . . . Dream big!

Jannica Johnson, Level V – Boise, ID


Before joining this business, Jannica was a CPA enjoying part-time flexible work serving tax clients while reserving time for school and church volunteering. Add in her favorite role as household manager/chauffeur/and sports fan for her 3 kiddos and she really wasn’t looking for something else to throw in the mix. Jannica was, however, looking for a confidence boost with products for her almost-40 year old face. She inquired of her friend about the skin care industry and her interest soon changed to a serious examination of the business. Surprising everyone who knows her, Jannica said “YES”.

She approaches this business with positivity, commitment, and a student’s mentality recognizing quickly that success requires living outside her comfort zone and embracing a business model she once doubted. She loves working with her team, learning about others, and challenging herself to develop and improve. Above all, Jannica loves having something great to offer others which can bring such positive hope and change. Jannica would love to say “Thank You” to the Doctors, our Corporate staff, and the leaders across the country who allow us to pursue this amazing opportunity with their full support and integrity.

Sarah Johnson, Level V – Boise, ID

Sarah was a flight attendant for 20 years, she retired when her husband passed away in 2007 from a rare form of cancer. At that point she needed to stay home with their three small girls.

When Sarah was introduced to this business in 2010, she was not looking for one more thing to put on her very busy plate. She soon realized, however, that the anti-aging skin care industry was rapidly growing and she wanted to be a part of it. Sarah’s reasons for jumping into the anti-aging skin care field are different than most. She wanted to show her girls how important it is to help others in need & so she started ‘Greg’s Gift’ in honor of her late husband.

Greg’s Gift is a foundation funded by her business paychecks which allows Sarah & her girls the ability to help others stricken by various cancers. Through the foundation they provide travel for those who can’t afford it in order to receive the treatment they so desperately need. A year and a half later Sarah has emerged as a top performer in the Northwest and is able to work her business around the schedules of her 3 very active girls.

Lana Kitto


Lana Kitto is a seasoned mortgage lender by day and has been a leader in this industry for 13 years.  She still enjoys certain aspects of this career but found it missing a very important part over the last few years.  She began looking for something that could “fill her bucket”, so to speak, in the missing areas.  Lana is a born leader and public speaker.   Her ability to encourage others in their ventures and to overcome personal and business hurdles makes her a “go to” person.  With corporate American retreating from building up their leaders and investing time and money in personal and business development, it forces professionals to manage this investment on their own.

When the opportunity of team building and leadership crossed Lana’s path, it was hard not to sit up and take notice of the proven brand and proven business model.  It’s like the Doctors established this company with Lana in mind!  You have the ability to make this become your own organization based on what you envision.  If you want a shameless shoe fund or mortgage payment, well you have a team that will help you reach the goal. If you want replacement income, you have an up-line in place to help you achieve that goal. You can achieve this in part-time hours and around your current career. Even better is the fact that you can be encouraging others to see and do the same in their lives.  This is what draws professionals like Lana to the business model, the chance to lead others to the greatness they have within!

Lana also saw the opportunity that right timing can bring. With expansion into Canada, her native land, around the corner and being backed by a company that cares about one’s vision and belief in success that makes now the right time!  She jumped in with both feet and didn’t look back.  She recalls her conversation with her leader on the first day.  Her comment went as such, “Don’t expect me to reinvent the wheel.   I’m going to do exactly what you have done and nothing different”.   By following the system and teaching its proven duplication model, Lana reached Level 5 in her sixth month after that big leap of faith.  Her belief in direct sales has changed and deepened each month as her team and client base grows.

Lana believes, “With the right Brand, Product and Plan I feel obligated to get this out to the masses as fast as I can. I have an obligation to speak of this; it is the first thing I think of when I put on my Biz mind each morning.”  Her advice in building your own business base:   “Don’t project your fear on anyone, you never know who is looking to fill their bucket like I was”.


Meredith Kresge, Level V – Bozeman, MT

A Realtor by trade, this busy mom of three girls is able to mold her full time career and natural entrepreneurial spirit around her family. Always valuing time flexibility, Meredith has always wanted to be able to be a professional mom while raising her children at home. Once she heard of the company’s story and vision, she immediately knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she couldn’t let pass her by.

Fast forward a year and a half later, Meredith has earned an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley/San Francisco, become a top performer in the Northwest, which has enabled her to more than double her annual income. An income that took her 7 years to build in the real estate industry. All the while she is able to maintain the flexibility of staying home with her 3 young girls (one set of twins) and continues to build two successful businesses.

Casee Meach, Level V – Appleton, WI
Casee Meach comes from a family of entrepreneurs and hard workers. Her family has a diversified portfolio of businesses they own and she has been running her family’s flower shop for five years. Business has always been an interest of Casee’s and she considers herself lucky to have learned from the best: her family. When this anti aging, skin care business opportunity came across her desk, she knew the timing was perfect and this was something she couldn’t pass up.

The reason behind Casee’s passion for this business changed significantly when her husband Brett was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away in April of 2014 at the age of 33. Brett was her biggest support system in this business as he understood what this business model could do for their family and their future. Casee now needed this business more than ever to support her family financially, but more importantly to allow her flexibility to care for her three year old son Porter and one year old son Barrett.

Casee’s partners in this business have been there for her through good and bad. She is so grateful for all of it and is excited for what the future holds for her business and her family!

Leeann Naughton, Level V – Racine, WI
I joined this company in June of 2013, Prior to starting my business, I was a registered nurse, with a lengthy career in pharmaceutical sales. My sponsor, Jessie Beauchamp, worked with me ten years ago when she was a new college grad. I am thrilled to be working with her again!

I actually was first attracted not only by the quality of the products and the opportunity to work with Jessie, but I suffer from a tremendous fear of retirement. This is a perfect way for me to stay connected and to continually make new friends and have a motivation to network, and the extra income means I won’t need to draw on my retirement accounts. This anti aging skin care business is the perfect transition to the next phase in my life. As a nurse, I love helping people, and I have the opportunity to help customers, my team, and all of the amazing Team Triple G.

Another great outcome of having my own business is the addition of our daughter, Mackenzie, to my team. Mackensie is a recent ASU grad, working in Scottsdale, AZ, and is now building her own team. Hopefully we will both find this business to be rewarding and beneficial to those we work with and to those who use our products.

Britton Nealeigh, Level V – Phelan, CA


Britton Nealeigh has 2 beautiful children with her husband Rick.  When their first child was about to start Kindergarten, Britton and Rick realized it was more important that Britton be home with their daughter.  So, she left Corporate and obtained her real estate license.  2-1/2 years later Britton went after her broker’s license and opened up her own brokerage.  Originally, she sold land to builders and developers. When the market changed in 2008-2009, Britton found her calling in doing short sales for families so they could avoid foreclosure.  She excelled at this from day one, as her true passion is helping others, sometimes to her own detriment.

During this time she realized that she is an entrepreneur to the core.  She began to really understand the power of leverage and residual income.  Britton will tell you that this is when she realized network marketing was an absolute brilliant viable business model.  Although she was approached by many colleagues working for different companies, none of them were right for her.  Until, she reconnected with a very dear childhood friend on Facebook, who shared this incredible opportunity with her which would quickly change her life.

Britton realized that the association with world renowned doctors that have an established multimillion dollar brand coupled with the ability to open many markets across the US was a match made in heaven.

Britton is the first recognized LV leader in her area, The High Desert of Southern California. Just as location is everything in real estate, timing is everything in network marketing. Working her business part time alongside her real estate brokerage, her team has exploded with profit centers in 9 states. Her business is literally growing hourly.

Britton is now teaching and training both individuals and teams all across the United States on how to start and run their own businesses. There is power in duplication.  Following an already proven system is simple.  You just have to be willing to do it.  She is especially excited about our global expansion coming in 2014, as well as what the future holds for her and her family – because of this opportunity and her decision to “Go For It!”

Denise Ross, Level V – Costa Mesa, CA


Denise is a single Mom of 3 incredibly creative teenage boys.  She has lived the majority of her life in California, except for a few of her younger years living in 6 different states when her Dad was in the military.  Denise started as a Domestic Engineer during the first 11 years with her sons, and put her efforts into giving her boys a strong foundation. Then she began her journey in Real Estate.  Denise went on to own and manage two Real Estate Franchises, and has been a very successful Real Estate Broker over the past 8 years.  She also worked for an International Online Real Estate Coaching/Training company to help teach and train hundreds of brokers and agents across North America along,  and assisted in signing up new offices to be a part of their training.Denise loves the Lord with all her heart and feels she has so much to give back through what He has truly blessed her with.  She has such a passion for helping people and has been open for opportunities to build a stable financial future for her and her boys.  An entrepreneur by heart, she has always kept an open mind. She was waiting for an opportunity that has all the elements to acquire huge success to build that stability for many years to come through residual income.  She has been presented many opportunities for this vehicle over the years but never felt passionate enough about those opportunities prior to finding her gold mine!

In October of 2012 Denise finally found that vehicle. She has become extremely passionate about not only helping people feel better about themselves but also helping people change their financial futures as well as her own.  She realized the timing and infancy phase that this company is currently in was the key for sharing this opportunity with others that are coachable, passionate and desiring a change for their future.  The biggest joy for her is helping her team accomplish their goals and see the possibilities that are endless for them.

In her first month in business, Denise earned back her initial investment. During the next 6 months of building her business, Denise and her team have built an organization of just under 100 people spanning several states across the U S.  She also had the goal to reach Level V and earn her trip to Napa in the Fall of 2013.  She reached that goal in 6 months of building her business in May 2013.

Denise’s team name is “Team Skintagious”.  Her motto is to “Be Contagious by the Beauty of this Opportunity and Pay it Forward!”

Pam West, Level V – Boise, ID


Pam is a Cardiology Nurse by trade and was introduced to this business by her daughter.  When her fourth child was being recruited for a college sports program she realized that not only would extra income come in handy while traveling to watch their son compete, she also realized how ready she was to have more freedom in her schedule.  What Pam quickly found was that the goals she had set for herself in this business were far too small.  In just 3 months she was earning the monthly income goal she had set for herself..  That is when the  dream got much bigger.

Travel has always been a dream of Pam’s and the type of travel this business has afforded both Pam and her husband have included week at Flathead Lake, Montana, San Francisco, Mexico, Belize.  Most recently Pam was able to take her first ever medical mission trip to Honduras because of the financial freedom this has provided.  Giving back is such an important part of this company. The motto of “doing well by doing good” is an inspiration and a guidepost for trips to come.

Reaching Level V is something that could not have happened without an incredible team.  The friendships created, the inspirational stories of others and the desire to help more people take control of their future are all part of what keeps Pam motivated to set new and bigger goals.


Ali Zieman, Level V – De Pere, WI

I have been a business owner for this exciting skin care company for a little over a year now.  To be honest, I was not looking to take on anything more. Direct sales was definitely never on my radar. However, when I was approached about this company by a former college classmate, I was at least open enough to learn more.  Her timing was perfect because I had just left my corporate career as a Buyer a couple months prior to work alongside my husband in our family business. As a result, we were being impacted financially since I no longer had my salary or benefits package. My first thought was that maybe this could cover our private health insurance, so I started asking questions. Upon doing so, it didn’t take me long to get the gut feeling that this is something I needed to seriously consider.  The timing was huge for me – that I could get involved in the early stages. Most importantly,  I could weave this business into my life, around my family and my full time career.

From a business perspective, growing a team has been so much fun.  I have partners with a wide range of goals – some who just want an extra few hundred dollars a month for a shoe or vacation fund and others who are looking to replace an income or stay home with their kids.  On the financial side, I have replaced the income I gave up as Buyer when I left my career to work with my husband.  This completely blows me away, considering my original goal was to cover our private health insurance.  But the best part is that this truly is only the beginning. I’ve seen in one short year what this company has already done for my family, and can’t even imagine what my business will look like a year from now.  I know there are even better things ahead and am really excited about that!

Heather Quisel, Level V Lexus Earner – Boise, ID

Heather is a teacher by trade, who taught young children for ten years in the Boise area. When she was introduced to this business, she was looking for something…different. While she loved teaching, and was good at it, she found herself wanting more. Specifically, she wanted to be her own boss and make her own money…and she wanted the flexibility to revolve her work schedule around her young family. The skin care field was the perfect vehicle to do just that. With their awarding-winning products and smart business plan, she jumped on board quickly and became a top leader in the Northwest. In just 7 months, she became the 1st Level V leader in the state of Idaho & Heather is now the 1st Lexus earner in ID as well.

Today, Heather makes more in one month than her previous half a year salary when she was teaching. Her biggest surprise? She’s still teaching! But this time, she’s not just affecting children, she’s affecting families! Heather has created something of her own, and now she’s helping others do the same…one market at a time!

Daiquiri Fouch, Premier V Lexus Earner – Fond du Lac, WI

Daiquiri is a mechanical engineer by trade. Although she enjoyed a successful corporate engineering career, she wanted time and financial flexibility that her corporate career could not offer. She decided instead, to focus on being a fulltime mom to her 4 young children. Despite being over-the-moon happy as a wife and mom, and feeling blessed beyond measure to be able to stay home with her kids….Daiquiri was looking for something more, something of her own. At the same time, the single source of income for her family seemed in jeopardy. The economy was tumbling and her husband’s employer was making cuts. That’s when she decided to grab the bull by the horns and start her own business.

Why?  Association with our world-renowned Doctors, the powerful virtual franchise opportunity they offer, unique and proven products which address a multi-billion dollar skin care market, and the unique opportunity to be one of the first to open markets…to name just a few reasons!

A few months after she started her family was thrown into crisis mode. Her husband’s mother found out she had terminal cancer & had just weeks to live. Of course, it was their desire to spend every moment possible with her, but they also had a more practical problem to solve: paying the mortgage and putting food on the table for 4 young children. Her husband was the primary income earner, and they didn’t have the luxury of him not going to work. And yet, how could he NOT be at his mom’s side? It was an impossible choice, and they didn’t know what to do. Thanks to Daiquiri’s business they didn’t have to make that choice at all. Daiquiri’s first paycheck was the answer to their prayers. It was the first paycheck she’d earned that was big enough to cover their mortgage and some living expenses. She’s so thankful for this company and her phenomenal team!

Now, just over a year later, she’s close to earning her Lexus, but most importantly she’s certain she made the best career move of her life. Daiquiri has replaced a major portion of the engineering income she left behind, and she still gets to stay at home full time with her children. And, the best part of all? She gets to share this opportunity with like minded men and women who see the power of this business and company. “Helping others build their dream life is the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. Who knew that ‘something of my own’ could be so much fun!”

Jenny Taylor, Premier V – Sheboygan, WI

Jenny Taylor, hit her goal of Level V in just over a year in the business. She earned the title of the 1st Level V in Wisconsin. By day Jenny is a marketing executive that is responsible for managing the reputation of a global household brand, by working directly with the company’s CEO. She has been a company spokesperson that has made several TV appearances on shows like the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, and many local stations across the US. Jenny loved her corporate position until she became a mother.

Motherhood sparked a desire for something that offered more flexibility and the ability to have more control. When this business opportunity was shared with her, she jumped in immediately and hasn’t looked back! All while still working her more than full time corporate career!